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New event for machine builders announced
A new event for machine builders, system integrators and OEMs keen to automate has been announced - and it already features exhibitors with bonding, sealing and threadlocking expertise
Advanced Adhesives provides solution for retailer after bonding failure
When a large retailer needed help to rectify a bonding failure on the component it was importing from China, it turned to Advanced Adhesives for a solution.
Developing a bespoke telematics system
Intertronics has supported Bulk Tainer Telematics with material and dispensing equipment for a specialist GPS device.
Strengthening the bond with reliable structural adhesives
When identifying solutions that can offer assurance and longevity, the maintenance and reliability of assets repairs can be challenging. Ian Wade, technical services manager at Belzona, looks into the use of structural adhesives as the first-choice solution.
Access technology to improve touch points in workboats
High quality, well-designed access hardware and positioning solutions can provide safety, ease of use and comfort to boat owners, passengers and crews. Charlie Barrett, ecommerce marketing strategist at Southco, examines the selection considerations for these components in marine applications.
Video highlights castors and wheels from Fath Components
Just released by Aldershot-based Fath Components is a short video describing selected wheels and castors drawn from the company’s extensive range.
What are the design considerations when specifying lead screws?
The first in the new ‘Design • Engineer • Build’ series of video podcasts focuses on lead screws – components that are at the heart of countless engineering systems. We talk to Phil Jones at Abssac about the enduring popularity of these essential design products, and the design considerations in their specification.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Riveting insights and solutions
A guide to choosing the right fastener
Video highlights hose clamp comparisons
In this video a JCS Hi-Torque hose clamp is tested against a standard nut and bolt hose clamp, using three tests to determine the strength and durability of each
1 day ago
New lines of cable and pipe clips
SD Products reports that its range of cable, hose and pipe management solutions has recently become one of its top priorities, with a number of brand new products now available.
2 days ago
Choosing the perfect fastener for your manufacturing needs
In the world of manufacturing, selecting the right fastener is paramount. The choice of fastener can impact product quality, production efficiency, and overall safety. With a myriad of options available, navigating through the fastener landscape can be overwhelming, but Staytite is on hand to guide you through.
6 days ago
Over-centre toggle latches with slider release or padlock facility
These new DIRAK over-centre toggle latches from FDB Panel Fittings offer slider release or padlocking operation, and feature a stainless-steel toggle loop. They provide a high retaining force with low manual effort, simply by tightening two spring loaded components together and locking them.
1 week ago
Southco introduces new ejectors for E1.S solid state drives
Southco has expanded its line of inject/eject mechanisms with a new line to fit the E1.S form factor. Southco’s new P7 ejector is specifically designed to assist in the insertion and extraction of E1.S drives. This ensures optimum performance, ergonomics, and aesthetics.
2 weeks ago
New Emka 2225 program flat swinghandle mini version
Emka has announced a significant new addition to its 2225 locking program coming out of customer feedback and engineering developments. The 2225 program is a flexible lock design now available in a miniature format which offers IP66 sealing.
2 weeks ago
Components for mechanical engineering and protective security
FDB Panel Fittings now offers a full range of Dirak hardware components for the mechanical engineering environment, as well as protective security solutions, many of which are now available ex-stock online for urgent delivery.
3 weeks ago
New polyurethanes do not require REACH training
To help manufacturers using polyurethane adhesives adapt to the new REACH Restrictions, Intertronics has launched Point-One structural polyurethane adhesives, leading edge polyurethanes (PUs) based on micro emission technology.
3 weeks ago
Compression latch offers visual indication of latch open status
Southco has expanded its line of VISE ACTION compression latches with a new version that allows visual confirmation of latch open status. Southco’s E3 VISE ACTION compression latch with visual indicator features red, reflective indicator wings that can be easily viewed when the latch is open, allowing latch status to be monitored at all times.
3 weeks ago
Learning and development in the adhesives industry
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical: learning and development at adhesives and dispensing equipment supplier Intertronics, discusses the importance of training.
4 weeks ago
Lohmann launches biobased, solvent-free tape portfolio
As part of its own sustainability strategy, Lohmann is driving forward sustainable adhesive technologies. The new DuploCOLL ECO adhesive tape portfolio contains newly developed, biobased adhesives, is solvent-free and features recyclable liner systems that can be returned to the regular circular economy.
4 weeks ago
Stainless steel enclosure hardware – an Emka modular program
The Emka team in the UK recently explained useful application information about their modular stainless steel hardware program for specialist panel builders, HVAC and vehicle manufacturers.
4 weeks ago
Self-sanitisation with Elesa machine components
Elesa has developed a line of components made of self-sanitising technopolymer containing inorganic silver ion-based antimicrobial additives (without active pharmaceutical ingredients, antibiotics or pesticides).
1 month ago
TR launches new products to its plastics and rubber hardware range
TR Fastenings is expanding its product portfolio with the addition of 1500 new part numbers being added to the existing plastic and rubber hardware range. This is in response to product requests across all sectors including automotive, health and home and energy, tech, and infrastructure.
1 month ago
Dirak rail transport components from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB Panel Fittings has recently explained that is focuses much attention on the transportation industry where sales partner Dirak has developed individual solutions for railway applications over the last few decades.
1 month ago
Henkel offers comprehensive approach for assembly solutions
Based on its longstanding expertise and its range of leading high-performance products and services under the well-known Loctite brand, Henkel offers total assembly solutions that help customers to increase productivity, improve reliability and simplify design.
1 month ago
Rack-level access technologies enhance data centre security
With the data centre industry undergoing significant expansion to meet growing user demand, investments in data security and physically securing these new facilities reliably must be a top priority, as Sonny Van Ngo, business development manager for electronic access solutions at Southco, explains.
1 month ago
Electronic locking swinghandle latch with modular security options
Southco has introduced an H3-EM electronic locking swinghandle with modular access control options. Specialised for data centre racks and similar applications, it allows manufacturers to meet a wide variety of security needs using only a single latch.
1 month ago
High-strength security in a small package
The new R4-EM-05 Electronic Rotary Latch from Southco provides concealed, electronic latching and increased security without sacrificing strength or functionality, making it an ideal choice for applications with significant space limitations.
1 month ago
New over-centre toggle latches from FDB Panel Fittings
New DIRAK over-centre toggle latches from FDB Panel Fittings offer a high retaining force with low manual effort, simply by tightening two spring loaded components together and locking them.

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