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Q&A - Advanced Adhesives
Established in 1998, Advanced Adhesives remains true to its founding principles by being completely focused on using its adhesives expertise to solve challenging joining applications
Intertronics’ dispensing system increases throughput fourfold
Solution helps UK manufacturer to streamline and automate its processes
Elesa has a firm handle on high temperatures
Machine and equipment builder Keller opts for heat insulation solution
Charging station technology supports e-bike growth in the UK
Simon Watson-Burge, e-mobility expert at Spelsberg, discusses the infrastructure requirements to support the increase in e-bikes and e-scooters.
New hardware concepts for the autonomous trucks of the future
The era of the long-haul autonomous truck is fast approaching. With it will come both challenges and opportunities to redesign the interior of autonomous vehicles to serve new functions and activities of those who operate them.
Daily Dilbert Cartoon
FasteningandBonding.net has a daily Dilbert cartoon. And if you miss any, you can scroll back through the Dilbert archives.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Riveting insights and solutions
A guide to choosing the right fastener
Video highlights hose clamp comparisons
In this video a JCS Hi-Torque hose clamp is tested against a standard nut and bolt hose clamp, using three tests to determine the strength and durability of each
3 days ago
New lines of Jubilee clips from SD Products
Seven new stocked lines of Jubilee clips are now available from SD Products, providing sturdy worm drive hose clips that are ideal for a variety of applications.
5 days ago
Enclosure gaskets to fit frame edges available ex-stock and online
Clip-on profiles now available from the FDB Online store combine the characteristics of edge protection profiles and sealing profiles.
6 days ago
Intertronics introduces industry-first adhesives for wearables
To help manufacturers of wearable devices adapt to industry trends and customer requirements, adhesives and dispensing equipment specialist Intertronics has introduced the Dymax 2000-MW series of medical wearables adhesives and encapsulants.
1 week ago
Leading edge repair and protection solution for wind turbines
Optimised to be easy-to-apply, fast-curing and hard-wearing, the combination of Belzona 5711 and Belzona 5721 is specially designed to fortify wind turbine blades with outstanding protection against leading edge erosion for the long term.
1 week ago
Tough enclosures for desktop and wall-mount electronics
Electronics designers are specifying Metcase’s tough UNIDESK aluminium enclosures for desktop and wall-mount applications too challenging for plastic housings.
1 week ago
Most PEM parts sold into Europe are manufactured locally
As PEM’s supplier in the UK, Zygology stocks an extensive range of products including self-clinching nuts, studs, standoffs as well as PEM proprietary products including R’Angle right angle fasteners, SMT surface mount fasteners, SpotFast flush rivets, S-RT self-locking nuts, plus many others.
1 week ago
Award-winning knobs for menu-driven electronics
OKW’s elegant rotary/click CONTROL-KNOBS have won an iF Design Award 2022. Hailed as “perfect all round”, they now feature a new, improved design with greater illumination.
1 week ago
Rimlex sealing process for closed-end rivetnuts
Rivetnut Technology Systems (RTS) says its Rimlex sealing process can now be applied to closed-end rivetnuts, creating a seal between the flange of the rivetnut and material preventing ingress of fluids, air or solids.
2 weeks ago
Versatile and unobtrusive matt finish enclosures
BCL says its AB Series enclosures are attractive and unobtrusive, ideal for providing a neat finish and protection of electronic or electrical systems in offices, commercial premises and domestic residences.
2 weeks ago
FDB cabinet gasket to fit door and frame channels
FDB offers gaskets used to fit a channel on an enclosure frame or door where the hollow section seals against flat mounting surface and tightens into the channel when compressed, to increase sealing.
2 weeks ago
High performance welding with greater efficiency
Fronius is adding to its range of smart, high-end TPS/i TWIN tandem welding systems. It claims synchronised welding with two individually controllable arcs has never been so easy as with the new TPS/i TWIN systems and the PMC TWIN and CMT TWIN welding processes.
2 weeks ago
Instant adhesives upgraded with new raw materials
In response to regulatory change and industry demand for safer assembly solutions, Henkel has exchanged certain raw materials in selected products in its Loctite range of instant adhesives in line with these new regulatory classification requirements.
2 weeks ago
Dispensing single-component thermal interface materials
Nordson Electronics Solution introduces a system-solution for dispensing single-component (1K) thermal interface materials by integrating the ASYMTEK Helios SD-960 Series fluid dispensing platform with the new FS-EP1 fluid supply/feeding system one-gallon pail pump.
2 weeks ago
Fastening components offer improved corrosion and acid resistance
Norelem has expanded its portfolio of products with the new A4 quality stainless steel connection elements for demanding environments. The new range offers higher corrosion and acid resistance.
3 weeks ago
Efficient device connection in healthcare and industry
The presence of liquids and demanding hygienic requirements dominate the application field of medical device technology. Product developers are faced with the task of balancing functionality, protection and design at a top level.
3 weeks ago
Getting it right, first time, every time
With over 40 years supplying high performance adhesive solutions, Eurobond’s wealth of knowledge and experience spans many different industry sectors. The Eurobond team of technical experts are here to help you.
3 weeks ago
Standard enclosure hardware to suit specialist engineering sectors
Emka has noted that the market for standard enclosure hardware has blossomed into multiple sectors, meaning housings of all types can be fitted with the most appropriate, up to date and cost-effective components to directly suit the application.
4 weeks ago
The complete service from Staytite
Staytite can help manufacturers achieve greater efficiency by providing services to supply the essential items required for manufacture, from fasteners, C-class components, consumables to PPE and much more besides.
1 month ago
Weld studs provide cost-effective alternative
Weld studs are a popular alternative to press or self-clinching studs; for installation on surfaces that need studs but are not required to be on show or painted, they provide a cost-effective option.

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