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Q&A – Top tips when specifying springs
Chris Petts is MD at Wokingham-based spring specialists and engineers Lee Spring. Here, he provides some interesting insights into selecting extension springs for a variety of applications that machine builders will specify them for
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Design & Automation Solutions has offices in Oxfordshire and Tyne & Wear and specialises in one-off machines for just about any application
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Video highlights hose clamp comparisons
In this video a JCS Hi-Torque hose clamp is tested against a standard nut and bolt hose clamp, using three tests to determine the strength and durability of each
6 days ago
Joining aluminium sheet? Consider this...
BTM Automation says that its V-LOC system for joining aluminium sheet can provide assured, long lasting joint integrity whilst using a non-penetrating method
1 week ago
High performance pneumatic clamps for automation and robotics
Elesa has announced a partnership with Misati, covering the latters’ high-performance pneumatic clamps for work holding or the transportation of machinery/assemblies in manufacturing operations
1 week ago
Small hose clips for key jobs
Jubilee® Clips worm drive hose clip’s smallest size has an adjustment range of 9.5 to 12mm, but for machine builders needing security for hoses smaller than this, the Gillingham, Kent-based manufacturer offers its Jubilee® Juniors nut and bolt clips
1 month ago
New Southco cam latch extensions from Zygology
Now available now at Zygology are product extensions from Southco which are said to simplify design and increase the performance and versatility of its E5 Cam Latch series
1 month ago
Much hangs on new technopolymer hinges
Elesa has an extensive history of manufacturing hinges from reinforced technopolymers and has just added a range of new models in the material, which it says are well suited to arduous environments
1 month ago
New Boker’s 2021 Scheduling Calendar
Boker’s has made available a 2021 scheduling calendar, covering the period from January 2021 through to March 2022
1 month ago
How does Heico Lock® work?
Heico Fasteners has a video offering machine builders an insight into how the company's threaded fastener locking products work
1 month ago
Newest version of Helicoil threaded insert
Bollhoff recently launched an all-new version of its Helicoil® threaded insert. Known as Helicoil® Smart, it becames the first new design unveiled by the company since the launch of its highly successful tang free version of Helicoil® in 2010
1 month ago
Metric and imperial threaded inserts
Clarendon Specialty Fasteners highlighted its metric and Imperial Keensert threaded inserts at one of the last events to take place before lockdown 1 arrived in March
7 months ago
LOCTITE introduces larger adhesive pack size
To help cater for the busier workplace, LOCTITE has made its HY 4070 structural bonding adhesive available in a larger 45g size that is dispensed with a handgun.
1 year ago
Helicoil Smart's tang bends out of the way after installation
Bollhoff has launched an all-new version of its legendary Helicoil threaded insert.
1 year ago
Threaded fasteners in thin-walled sections
Challenge Europe is promoting its ex-stock rivet nuts and rivet bushes, which make useful fixing options by providing female threads in thin-walled sections.
7 years ago
Metric hex spacer SEMS with plain and lock washers
Specialty Fasteners & Components (SFC) has launched a new range of metric hex spacer SEMS, which are available with a choice of plain washer only or plain and lock washers.
11 years ago
Captive bolts suit machine guarding applications
To help machine builders comply with the requirements relating to retained fastenings for fixed guards in EN 953 and the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Specialty Fasteners and Components is launching a new series of captive bolts.