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New event for machine builders announced
A new event for machine builders, system integrators and OEMs keen to automate has been announced - and it already features exhibitors with bonding, sealing and threadlocking expertise
Optimal tension springs for garage doors
When Condoor, a major producer of insulated overhead doors for industrial and residential buildings needed tension springs for its products, it turned to Alcomex, part of the Lesjöfors Group.
Adhesives bond one-of-a-kind thought provoking sculpture
British Artist Matthew Penn and his ‘Fragile Fight’ project have recreated the entire skeleton of a female Polar Bear in crystal glass. For a bonding solution for the glass sculpture, he turned to Eurobond Adhesives.
Sealing requirements for the automotive lighting industry
The experts at Robafoam look in detail at automotive lighting, and offer advice on the sealing requirements for this demanding application.
Preserving the environment with sustainable joining processes
In manufacturing, there are increasing opportunities to improve the eco-footprint of products, with the joining processes that are used as part of the manufacturing process being a good example. We ask Alexander Müller, head of the joining systems business unit at Kistler, how choosing the right joining system can influence a product’s CO2-footprint.
Daily Dilbert Cartoon
FasteningandBonding.net has a daily Dilbert cartoon. And if you miss any, you can scroll back through the Dilbert archives.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Riveting insights and solutions
A guide to choosing the right fastener
Video highlights hose clamp comparisons
In this video a JCS Hi-Torque hose clamp is tested against a standard nut and bolt hose clamp, using three tests to determine the strength and durability of each
9 hours ago
Belleville washers deliver big power in tight spaces
Belleville washers from Lee Spring are an excellent solution when an application requires high loads in a confined space. Compared to coil springs, Belleville washer’s conical configuration allows them to support high loads with relatively minimal deflection and solid heights.
1 day ago
Bifold torque hinge for thinner fold-out tables in transportation interiors
Southco has expanded its line of bifold constant torque hinges with the AH-2E-12, designed for thinner fold-out tables used in passenger transit interior applications. The AH-2E-12 uses friction to increase control of 180 degree fold-out tables, preventing the flaps from falling open during operation and improving the end user experience.
6 days ago
High-performance Southco hinge options available from Zygology
Southco has added two more products to its growing range of hinges – the EH free-swinging hinge and the E6-70 constant torque position control hinge, both of which have been newly added to the range of Southco hinges available from Zygology.
1 week ago
Emka standard hinges for prominent cabinet doors
The Emka program of hinges for prominent enclosure doors includes the facility for up to 180 degree opening when adjacent to another door – so affording full access without needing to remove the door. Fitment is by screw fixing, also studs or welding for use on visible or concealed installations for added security.
1 week ago
Henkel creates added value for its customers
Henkel Adhesive Technologies has introduced LOCTITE Pulse, an Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that contributes to the reliability of critical assets. Once installed, LOCTITE Pulse sensors continuously collect data and provide valuable insights into asset health.
2 weeks ago
Complete enclosure parts range for OEMs and end users
WDS Components is now offering a complete range of parts for enclosures and cabinets. Aimed at c and end users, the range includes locks, latches, and catches, as well as hinges and handles, plus a range of accessories and peripheral parts.
2 weeks ago
Free-swinging hinges in new materials to meet demanding applications
Southco has extended its line of externally mounted free-swinging hinges with three new options designed for heavy-duty applications.
2 weeks ago
Enclosures for miniaturised go-anywhere electronic devices
OKW has extended its wide range of sensor enclosures with the launch of tough, elegant new MINI-DATA-BOX. Its different versions, sizes, colours and optional flanges offer 32 possible permutations, all available as standard.
2 weeks ago
FDB Online expands bridge handles ex-stock range with urgent delivery
The FDB Online store provides a convenient single source for enclosure hardware both ex-stock and for urgent delivery, and typical of these components is its recently expanded range of bridge handles.
3 weeks ago
Techsil offers bespoke form-in-place-foam-gasket sealants
Using a single-component liquid polyurethane foam sealing system and machine technology, Techsil says its gasketing service is the economical and reliable solution for replacing labour intensive peel and stick gasket applications.
3 weeks ago
Rotor Clip introduces small diameter wave springs
Rotor Clip has responded to the increased demand in the marketplace for smaller, innovative and more efficient assemblies, with the capability to manufacture wave springs as standard from 6mm outside diameter.
3 weeks ago
New moisture-resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive
Adhesives specialist Intertronics announces Bond2Bond Aquafast, a new single-part, ‘instant’ adhesive suited for environments with high humidity.
3 weeks ago
New plug-n-play sorting product is transforming conveyor lines
Flowsort from FATH is a modular plug-n-play diverter that has been especially designed for swift and smooth integration into existing conveyor systems.
3 weeks ago
The easiest-to-use bolt tensioner in the world
New from Nord-Lock is the Superbolt NXT multi-jackbolt tensioner which the company says is up to 30% faster to install than existing solutions.
3 weeks ago
New adhesive tape with exceptional GRIP
Lohmann has launched an adhesive tape for the flexographic printing industry with an exceptionally high grip to the sleeve. DuploFLEX 5 GRIP increases press uptime while maintaining ease of demounting.
1 month ago
Elesa protection elements provide quick and effective solutions
Elesa offers a full range of caps and protection covers which it says are flexible and useful in fulfilling a wide range of applications to protect the ends of tubes and bolts from shocks, dust, humidity or when necessary to prevent the leakage of liquids.
1 month ago
Quarter turn lock housings offered in various standard lengths
Quarter turn locks are a common mainstay of enclosure hardware but it can often be difficult to match the length of a lock with the depth of the door to frame gap. FDB Panel Fittings has made this much simpler by offering a wide range of standard bodies at their Online store.
1 month ago
Stainless steel springs ideal for corrosion resistance
Stainless steel springs are a great choice for applications that require corrosion resistance or for high temperature environments. Lee Spring offers numerous series of ex-stock springs of different types made from stainless steel materials.
1 month ago
Hardlock nut resists loosening in threaded joints
Staytite says the Hardlock nut provides its users with the premier solution to resist loosening in threaded joints. The Hardlock out-performs other fasteners by using a different methodology to create its locking force.

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