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New event for machine builders announced
A new event for machine builders, system integrators and OEMs keen to automate has been announced - and it already features exhibitors with bonding, sealing and threadlocking expertise
Developing a bespoke telematics system
Intertronics has supported Bulk Tainer Telematics with material and dispensing equipment for a specialist GPS device.
Flexible structural adhesive prevents glass shattering at Heathrow Terminal 5
Glass is one of the most striking features of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, but also a potential vulnerability. In the event of a terror attack shattering the glass, a high percentage of injuries in an explosion or bomb blast are caused by flying glass fragments rather than any incendiary device itself. Ensuring that can’t happen is a bonding solution from Advanced Adhesives.
Laser welding is the light touch solution for medical components
There are an increasing number of medical sector applications where metal components and devices require joining, and laser welding is now well established as the process of choice for many manufacturers, as the experts at TLM Laser explain.
Technology and magic
Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction writer, science writer, and futurist, once said “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Here, Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains the poignancy of this quote in modern day adhesives applications.
What are the design considerations when specifying lead screws?
The first in the new ‘Design • Engineer • Build’ series of video podcasts focuses on lead screws – components that are at the heart of countless engineering systems. We talk to Phil Jones at Abssac about the enduring popularity of these essential design products, and the design considerations in their specification.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Riveting insights and solutions
A guide to choosing the right fastener
Video highlights hose clamp comparisons
In this video a JCS Hi-Torque hose clamp is tested against a standard nut and bolt hose clamp, using three tests to determine the strength and durability of each
1 week ago
Supplying standard parts and components for stage and screen
Whatever type of component is needed in the fast-moving world of stage and screen, quick delivery of an accurate specification is a frequent requirement. John Marshall of WDS Components, explains how to fulfil this requirement for standard parts and components.
1 week ago
Elesa rubber buffer plates reform the anti-vibration game
As mechanical advancements in machinery continues to thrive, Elesa is at the forefront in revolutionising the space. Explore the company’s new expansion of anti-vibration machine components.
1 week ago
FDB and Dirak e-mobility solutions
FDB recommends double cylinder swinghandles in materials such as powder-coated zinc die or stainless steel for charging station applications.
1 week ago
Lee Spring offers free shipping
Lee Spring offers more than 25,000 stock springs, plus custom springs made to meet your specifications. Purchase £30 or more of Lee Spring’s range of stock springs, with delivery within the UK, and receive free shipping.
1 week ago
A guide to monitor mounting arms
Stewart Beck, global product manager at Southco, looks how monitor mount arms work and the key design considerations when choosing one.
1 week ago
Adhesives support the manufacture of complex consumer electronics
Bostik has extended its Born2Bond engineering adhesive HMPUR and UV-CIPG ranges to support the manufacture of smaller, more lightweight and increasingly complex consumer electronic devices that are also required to be recyclable and meet all relevant sustainability and safety regulations.
2 weeks ago
Bostik launches new Born2Bond engineering adhesives for automotive
Bostik has extended its Born2Bond HMPUR and UV-CIPG engineering adhesive ranges to serve the needs of automotive electronics designers and manufacturers looking to protect automotive components from heat, liquids, humidity, chemicals and vibrations.
2 weeks ago
Fronius uses hot active plasma for surface cleaning
Fronius says industrial surface cleaning with Acerios hot active plasma technology is a particularly environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution prior to joining parts.
2 weeks ago
New articulated feet for industrial and office equipment
FDB Panel Fittings has announced a new series of levelling feet from Dirak for machines, instruments, conveyor systems, work tables, furniture and fluid process equipment.
3 weeks ago
OKW’s new CONNECT S enclosures for handheld wired electronics
OKW has added a new slimline S size to its CONNECT range of handheld plastic enclosures for wired electronics. The new enclosures are 12mm slimmer than the existing size M.
1 month ago
The Staytite nut
Staytite was founded and owes its name to this simple and effective all-metal lock nut that resists loosening, and outperforms many rival locking nuts on reliability and reusability.
1 month ago
Quarter turn assembly matching the lock depth to the enclosure
FDB Panel Fittings says that its Rocfast customer service programme saves time, money and mistakes by guiding engineers and buyers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.
1 month ago
Busbar solutions for the automotive industry
Penn Engineering is the industry leader when it comes to providing solutions for automotive and busbar fasteners. Its self-clinching, heavy-duty studs and moulded inserts for plastics, available from Zygology, are some of their most popular products.
1 month ago
Bostik presents a new instant adhesives precision dispensing system
The R&D team at Bostik’s Born2Bond engineering adhesives brand has revealed details of a new precision dispensing system at the in-adhesives symposium, which enables the easier use of cyanoacrylate adhesives in high-precision robotic manufacturing to bond automotive and electronics product parts with complex shapes and geometries.
1 month ago
Svendborg Brakes provides a one-stop-shop for copper mine hoist braking systems
A major mine hoist OEM contacted Svendborg Brakes when it required reliable low-speed and high-speed braking systems for a double-drum, 20-ton system designed for a copper mine hoist.
1 month ago
Springs ideal for tight spaces
Lee Spring offers wave springs which it says are ideal for applications with limited or tight space requirements. The Lee Spring REDUX wave compression spring series can help to reduce operating height but without sacrificing the normal operation of a conventional type compression spring.
1 month ago
Is Elesa becoming a leader for castors and wheels?
Over the years, Elesa has developed sophisticated, expertly designed castor and wheel product lines to meet the needs of a number of industries. And now the company has added a number of new wheels and castors to its range.
1 month ago
New PCI riser cage fasteners fit next generation servers
Southco has expanded its successful line of DZUS quick access fasteners with a new version designed for PCI riser cages that offers quick access and shock resistance when connected to next generation server chassis models. The DZUS D9 Tech Line quick access PCI riser cage fastener assembly locks into position quickly and can be easily unfastened to save service time.
1 month ago
Standard cams ex-stock in double and triple point designs for rod systems
FDB Panel Fittings says that its online store can make the installation of cabinet hardware simple and efficient by offering a wide range of standard ex-stock cams and rod sets in single, double and triple point configuration.

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