Optically clear epoxy is a work of art
Anthony Scala is an award-winning glass artist specialising in sculpture work. His early training in architectural model-making has evolved into a career working with cold glass to make precise, prismatic shapes which blend art and science into stunning geometric pieces, thanks in part to bonding expertise and products from Intertronics
Cold formed fasteners and parts are cost effective
Heico Fasteners is highlighting the many advantages of design specific precision cold formed, hot formed and turned parts
New counterbalance concealed hinges
Southco’s new CB Counterbalance Hinge series is designed to neutralise the weight of heavy panels and lids
Automated fastening - top tips
Stanley Engineered Fastening has published a paper entitled "Is my company ready for automation?" It outlines key factors to consider before selecting an automation integrator for threaded and blind fastening applications
Fumbled fiddly washers eradicated!
How many times have you tried to put something together with washers, only for them to slip out of your fingers? Not any more, as Staytite has some useful solutions….
A flexible approach to bonding
MS Polymer flexible adhesives are said to offer many benefits to users and are well suited to a wide variety of different applications. These include uses in industries and applications as diverse as construction, the manufacture of modular and portable buildings, marine, caravan and motorhome manufacture as well as in metal fabrication. This article, submitted by Eurobond Adhesives, highlights some advantages of these adhesives that may be of use to both design and production personnel
New magnetic catches offer attractive advantages
Southco’s new M5 Magnetic Catches from Zygology are said to combine strength with style
Pick and place system takes centre stage
Lighting manufacturer CantoUSA has specified ASM’s E by DEK and E by SIPLACE systems for its in-house SMT manufacturing processes
Dome head studs prove illuminating
Jet Press has recently supplied dome head studs to one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of lighting equipment
Virtual fastening support offers real advantages
Oxfordshire-based fastening expert Zygology is offering a useful service to specifiers addressing both fastening and 'touch-point' needs - face to face consultations with leading engineers at both PEM and Southco
160 page product update from FATH
FATH Components’ extensive product catalogue has been around for a while, but the company has also recently published an addendum to it which may be of value to OEMs
Five day machine repair reduced to 8 hours
In comparison with conventional assembly methods, the use of an engineering adhesive to secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts has many merits, says Henkel Loctite. One of them is saving money by saving time, as illustrated in this article
Void avoidance when potting and encapsulating
To help electronics manufacturers prevent voids when potting and encapsulating, adhesives specialist Intertronics has produced a white paper. It covers just about every aspect of managing voids including causes, storage, air removal methods, application methods, contamination and shrinkage
Hybrid fastening on Morgan Plus Six
Morgan’s Plus 6 sports car combines old-school charm with 21st Century fastening technology and performance
Likely changes to encapsulation adhesives: White Paper
This article, authored by adhesives experts Inseto, examines the possible effects on some businesses if the banning of certain encapsulation adhesives containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) becomes a reality
Epoxy certainly projects the right image
A projectionist’s oil wheels have benefited from an extended lifespan thanks to optically clear Opti-tec 5001 epoxy from Intertronics
Latest parts and components reflect expansive mood
WDS Components widens its selection of offerings in new catalogue – and it’s ‘user-friendly’, too!
Spring design and prototyping
Based near Keighley in Yorkshire, George Emmott (Pawsons) is reminding design engineers and manufacturing managers that it recognises the need to supply un-tooled or pre-production samples prior to committing to production
No shocks here thanks to isolators
New ranges of wire rope isolators, spring mounts and cushions arrive from Elesa
GESIPA Live event takes place this week
Online event is part of 50th anniversary celebrations