New counterbalance support hinge makes its debut
Solution claims precise control while reducing overall cost
Power of bonding in the automotive world
tesa has attachment of parts challenge taped
Bridging the gap
Specialist bridge handles from FDB at the ready
New riveting tool for insert nuts
New solution targets individual professionals and workers on assembly lines
Elesa SAN industrial components launch - with silver lining!
New range incorporates silver ions for sanitisation against microbes, bacteria and fungi
New Stanley cordless tools launched
Speed fastening tools aim to maximise placing capability, reduce installation cost – and are available from Zygology
‘Smallest’ handheld plasma treatment device launched
Intertronics supplies new piezobrush PZ3
Strutting its stuff!
Associated Spring Raymond expands portfolio of standard gas struts
Elesa extends its ESD range
New castors and wheels prevent build-up of electrostatic charge
Vending the rules to improve productivity
Here is news of an inventory managed package that can supply a range of consumables to production and operations staff via a vending machine. It is said to enhance efficiency and can also help reduce unwanted downtime
Handling the demands of cabinets and enclosures
FDB handles range covers multitude of options
Plastic composite compression springs help industry bounce back
Wokingham-based Lee Spring reports strong sales of its plastic composite compression springs as industry begins to bounce back
Fast and durable plastics bonding
New adhesive technology is bringing significant benefits to product assembly, especially where OEMs have multi-material and multi-substrate bonds that must meet stringent performance criteria
Thread locking solutions that work
Preventing threaded joints from becoming loose is a problem that taxes many involved in assembly. A variety of techniques are used to prevent hardware from working itself free including spring washers, tab washers, locking washers, thread sealants, thread locking patches and SEMS: to name just a few. However, Zygology says that one simple and elegant method of ensuring that when something is fastened it stays that way is a thread locking self-clinching nut from PEM
Achieve up to four simultaneous spot cures with ease and flexibility
LED UV light curing systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are fast becoming the technology of choice in many joining applications
Stay-Put washers cut assembly time
Designed as a retention aid, Stay‑Put Washers from ND Industries hold a fastener or multiple components in-place before final assembly
New SVHC-free chip encapsulation adhesives
Inseto says it is the first distributor serving the UK and Ireland to supply chip encapsulation adhesives for high reliability applications that are free of substances of very high concern (SVHC)
Self tapping threaded inserts now available
German manufacturer norelem is offering a range of self tapping threaded inserts in sizes M3 to M16
A fastener that resists loosening
Hardlock Nuts are used where a fastener must resist loosening, especially in high vibration environments. For example, they are used extensively on railway, automotive, wind turbine, mast, building, bridges, and machinery applications
Fastening cable ducts to aluminium profiles
FATH Components has a fastener specifically designed for attaching cable ducts to standard industry aluminium sections