General-purpose lidded enclosures are versatile and adaptable
The BM Series of enclosures from British manufacturer BCL Enclosures are a versatile and attractive series of general-purpose enclosures that suit domestic and commercial electrical and electronic installations.
Smoother machinery operation with new spring sleeves
German standard components manufacturer Norelem has introduced a new range of spring sleeves for use as indexing and positioning elements.
Southco introduces corrosion-resistant stainless steel positioning hinge
Southco has expanded its successful E6 constant torque position control hinge series to include a corrosion-resistant cast stainless steel version that provides superior durability in harsh outdoor environments.
Everything you need in one box to get started with UV curing
Increased speed, enhanced accuracy and reduced waste are just a few of the benefits that UV curing can bring to your bonding process. To help make it even easier for you to achieve these boosts to your productivity, Intertronics offers the IUV101 Starter Kit.
Norelem makes fixing of workpieces and tools even easier
German standard components manufacturer Norelem has significantly expanded its clamping technology range of products, with more than 800 items being added to the ‘Norelem positions’ group of products.
Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer ultimate instant bonding solutions
If you are looking to reduce overall manufacturing costs, increase product reliability, performance and operating life, Henkel says its Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives (ie, instant adhesives) may be just the bonding solution for which you are searching.
Staytite nut provides simple and effective fastening
Staytite was founded and owes its name to this simple and effective all metal lock nut that resists loosening, and which outperforms many rival locking nuts on reliability and reusability.
A safe and efficient future for food and drink manufacturing
Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem, looks at how the company’s range of hygienic design products offer several benefits to food and drink manufacturers.
Handle with electrical safety switch and LED indicator light
Ergonomic and compact, with a technopolymer certified self-extinguishing UL-94 V0 body and a monostable safety switch that ensures proper interruption of the power supply circuit, the new M.2000-SWM handle from Elesa ensures maximum protection for the operator.
IP65 Spanner locks now ex-stock from FDB Online store
Budget level spanner locks from the FDB Online store are so named because they use a spanner-like key to operate the quarter turn latching mechanism.
Multiple mounting options for modular enclosures
Multiple mounting options are now available for OKW’s ART-CASE modular plastic enclosures for modern desktop, mobile, wall and ceiling electronics.
Electrically conductive adhesives and tapes
Electrically conductive adhesives and conductive adhesive tapes are now commonplace in manufacturing and have contributed immensely to the micro design of everyday consumer electronic devices.
The design engineer’s application guide to fasteners
What are the correct fastener dimensions and specifications for my design? This is one of the many questions asked when design engineers are deciding which fasteners are right for a given project, and Essentra Components has produced an application guide to address these questions.
Adding value to HVAC systems with access hardware
Commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are some of the most expensive and critical engineered systems used in buildings today. Todd Schwanger, commercial product manager at Southco, looks at how access hardware can add value to these systems.
Why use 1" timber rivet T nuts from Jet Press?
Jet Press says its 1" timber rivet Tee Nuts provide you with faster, deeper and straighter Tee Nut insertion. They can help you to achieve a superior quality product whilst maintaining production efficiency.
Emka expands its folding T handle range
Traditional folding T handles offer a popular slimline and very effective solution to locking of panels and doors in many situations where space is limited. So Emka has developed its established products into a new range dedicated for use on heavy or oversized doors or flaps of up to 4 mm thickness.
Nylon and plastic fasteners from SD Products
Fastener specialist SD Products holds the largest stocked assortment of fir tree buttons, button rivets, scrivets, expansion rivets, removable push type rivets, panel type rivets and trim clips in the UK.
Universal 19” rack shelves added to rack accessories range
New universal cantilever shelves from Metcase enable electronics equipment without built-in 19” fittings to be added to racks or cabinets quickly and easily.
Stainless steel hinges add durability and corrosion resistance
WDS Components has expanded its range of leaf hinges, adding highly robust, anti-corrosion designs. It has also released new lift-off detachable hinges, allowing fast and simple door removal. Both of the new hinge types are manufactured from high quality 316 stainless steel.
Bridge handles moulded and stainless steel ex-stock and online
FDB Panel Fittings now offers different configurations of bridge handles ex-stock through its online shop. These are shaped for a comfortable grip and to enable sufficient force to be used in opening large doors or carrying equipment.

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