New cordless fastening tools from Zygology
Fastening experts Zygology have just introduced two new ergonomically friendly, cordless fastening tools from Stanley
Swinghandles for cabinets
FDB Panel Fittings is offering the DIRAK swinghandle series ex-stock
New high temperature resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive
Permabond has introduced a new cyanoacrylate adhesive which is resistant to high temperatures
Jubilee Clips® from SD Products
3 ranges of the sturdy and popular Jubilee® clips are available from SD Products
Hinges - an open and shut case for UK made
Tamworth based Gold & Wassall is reminding us that premium quality UK made hinges are available on short lead times
Innovative product solves ugly problem
Attaching threads to the outside of telescopic tubes to secure the inside tube in position has previously resulted in an unsightly welded finish. Now there is a new way.
New flush fittings from FDB
Rail transport is subject to especially high requirements in design, function and material. It creates a challenge for hardware manufacturers to combine the advantages of a flush-mounted quarter turn with those of a compression latch, while ensuring easy, tool-less adjustment of the cam
Stay-Put washers cut assembly time
Designed as a retention aid, Stay‑Put Washers from ND Industries hold a fastener or multiple components in-place before final assembly
2 part structural bonding for many materials
The Penloc® range of 2-part fast curing structural adhesives from Eurobond Adhesives is, says the company, widely recognised by sheet metalworkers and fabricators as a reliable and high performance bonding option
AC cable splitter from Zygology
Southco Range extension to its rotary latch range from Zygology offers further flexibility and design options
Quarter turn locks available ex-stock
For panel or machine builders designing doors or access panels into their latest projects, FDB Panel Fittings confirms that it stocks a wide range of DIRAK high quality quarter turn locks for use in numerous applications
Threadlocker resolves quality challenge
HUOT is a century-old French company that specialises in the manufacture of pipe fittings and components for drinking water supply. The adhesive that the manufacturer had been using to seal its threaded products was causing quality issues, in that once it was cured, it became brittle. As a result, the seal would break if the fitting was accidentally dropped or suffered a relatively minor impact, for example when the fitting was thrown into a steel storage box
Locking solutions just the ticket for railway industry
EMKA has announced a comprehensive range of door locking hardware for the railway industry
Information bulletin on optical bonding of e-paper displays
Schurter has released a paper discussing the optical bonding of e-paper displays
DIRAK hardware from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB Panel Fittings has annnounced that its portfolio now includes the expanding DIRAK hardware range for specialist metal/plastic fabricators, machine and panel builders and OEMs
Angled handles are inclined to make things easier
The new Elesa range of angled bridge handles provide a safe and ergonomic grip close to the edge of a door, ensuring safe and easy operation
Small clips solve big problems
The trend toward miniaturisation continues to challenge designers, especially when the subject of holding things together comes to the fore on a project
New external rotor style rotary latch
Southco’s new external rotor-style rotary latch is said to offer a useful combination of concealed latching and remote actuation
Fastening in electronics? Check out this publication
TR Fastenings has published a 28 page guide to circuit board hardware
To cap it all
For more than 35 years, leading manufacturer of hydraulic system components Custom Fittings has relied on plugs and caps supplied by Essentra Components