Southco introduces new remote release accessory for surface mount rotary actuati
Southco has introduced a new cable accessory for its surface mounted AC-15 rotary latch actuators. This accessory is ideal for applications on trucks, RVs, buses and other vehicles where components must be lightweight, compact, and sturdy.
Henkel to launch LOCTITE eBook to avoid the problem of adhesive blooming
Industry professionals can enhance their knowledge and use of instant adhesives with the release of LOCTITE’s new 12-page eBook, an indispensable guide to understanding and eliminating the problem of blooming faced in the cyanoacrylates market.
Ergonomic welding – a contradiction in terms?
Time and again, welders are forced to adopt unfavourable postures for a variety of tasks – frequently over long periods of time. Is it therefore paradoxical to talk about ergonomics and welding in the same sentence? Absolutely not, say the experts at Fronius.
Wasting time with fiddly washers?
Staytite offers a range of SEMs, Barb, or Carp nuts that help to streamline assembly operations, saving time and money while boosting productivity.
Exploring retaining ring styles: A comprehensive guide
The experts at Rotor Clip provide a comprehensive guide that delves into the diverse world of retaining rings, shedding light on their distinct features and benefits.
EMKA panel building hardware for road and rail specialist vehicles
In specifying panel building hardware for road and rail specialist vehicles the team at EMKA recognise that customers frequently require higher performance than might be available from other generic components.
Process factors to consider when specifying an adhesive
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical: learning and development at adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains some important process considerations for design engineers when specifying an adhesive.
Four ways to speed up production on your next project
Using their experience in the industry helping clients succeed, the experts at Zygology have put together four ways to ensure your next project meets challenging deadlines, surpasses clients’ expectations, and ultimately grows your business.
FDB Panel Fittings’ stainless compression latches with round knobs
Dirak stainless steel compression latches from FDB Panel Fittings offer a secure and vibration-resistant closure for use in mechanical engineering, transport and similar applications where underfloor flaps, storage lockers, etc, must endure harsh environmental conditions, and yet enable keyless operation quickly and reliably – while meeting the need for an external visual status indication.
The advantages are stacking up on the shop floor
At MachineBuilding.Live, production environment products manufacturer FATH will make the UK debut of its new adapter pallets for the industrial dollies found on shop floors across all sectors of larger scale manufacturing.
Advantages of balanced tapered section retaining rings in EV motors
As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain in popularity, the demand for efficient and reliable electric motors continues to increase. Electric motor design plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. An often-overlooked component with a significant impact on performance is the retaining ring, as the experts at Rotor Clip explain.
Rotary latch features debris resistant design and concealed latching
Southco has expanded its R4 rotary latch series with a new debris resistant version that offers enhanced performance for medium-duty applications.
Staytite demonstrates Hardlock Nut at MachineBuilding.Live
Staytite is excited to participate in the highly anticipated MachineBuilding.Live exhibition. Visitors to the company’s stand will be able to experience live demonstrations of the Hardlock Nut, the world-renowned fastener engineered to prevent loosening.
Flush compression rotary latches in stainless steel
FDB Panel Fittings is pleased to announce a new flush-mounted design of compression rotary latch in stainless steel, with precise compression so that they are now rated to IP65 and up to IP69K, for protection from dust and water.
Full control with every weld
With the new Fronius WeldCube Navigator software, there is now a digital welding sequence plan available for TPS/i. This guides the welder precisely and safely through the tasks required for a component.
Three solutions to propel circularity in the manufacturing industry
As a cornerstone of economic progress, the manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of transitioning towards more circular practices in the journey towards net zero and a greener future. Neil Matthews, managing director at MSP, outlines three dynamic solutions.
EMKA quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders
EMKA’s expanding program of quarter turn locks and latches are very much targeted toward specialist panel and vehicle builders where rugged high performance is required.
Aluminium clevis forks provide lightweight, durable linkage
WDS Components has released a range of aluminium clevis forks. The fork attachments create a strong linkage for applications that need a lightweight design. The black anodised forks are easily installed to any rod connection and are available in diameters ranging between M4 and M12.
UV curable masking materials in orthopaedic implant manufacture
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical for learning and development at Intertronics, discusses how temporary masking challenges in orthopaedic implant manufacture can be overcome with UV curable materials.
Increase productivity, improve reliability and simplify design
Visitors to the LOCTITE stand at MachineBuilding.Live (Stand 89) can explore the full capabilities that LOCTITE offers to manufacturers and engineers, to help you increase productivity, improve reliability and simplify design.

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