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EMKA offers data centre Biolock demonstration kit for exploration and beyond

In some cases, there is no real alternative to a physical, hands-on demonstration or test run. The EMKA Biolock system for server racking is one such example – so, to enable interested data centre security engineers to see for themselves,EMKA have created a demo-in-a-case, which can be sent out on request.

Clearly, seeing a system demonstrated is one thing; operating a system as a client is often quite another. “This new kit enables a potential user to see and to operate, and allows EMKA to offer a follow-up system optimally tailored to the client’s requirements subsequent to the demonstration,” says EMKA.

Up and running... fast

The Biolock demonstration kit comes complete with hardware as decided upon during the initial consultation, housed within a heavy-duty aluminium case, together with a laptop that contains the user software, with the demo system already registered onto it. “All that remains to be done is for the client to add some users and then start to get used to it.”

“Benefits to this approach include that the client can use and become compliant with the system in a controlled environment at their leisure with a simple introduction to the complete suite of items – including a parallel phone or online conversation with the demonstrating EMKA engineer.” 

Multiple advantages

The kit also presents an opportunity for the client to get to see not just the software, but the hardware and how they both integrate into the anticipated installation.

“The ‘demo-in -a-case’ approach enables the benefits of face-to-face working, which allows for complete interaction with software and hardware, together with On-Line operation.” This has its own benefits, states EMKA, “such as screen sharing and control of the system by the host, which lets the client control the software and hardware in the same way as they would remotely when deployed in the field”.


The EMKA Biolock demonstration kit.
The EMKA Biolock demonstration kit.


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