Achieve up to four simultaneous spot cures with ease and flexibility

LED UV light curing systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are fast becoming the technology of choice in many joining applications

The DYMAX BlueWave QX4 LED UV Spot Curing Lamp from Intertronics is said by the company to offer “all the benefits of LED UV over traditional broad-spectrum technology including instant on/off with no warm-up, low operating temperature, decreased energy consumption and up to 20,000 hour light source life – with no performance degradation”.

Incorporating its UV LED light emitters within a flexible wand design, Intertronics says that the BlueWave QX4 allows operators to easily manipulate the system into close proximity of substrates, thus simplifying curing processes and reducing the risk of shadowing. Equally, the QX4 is capable of being used in semi- or fully automated assembly systems.

The QX4 is a powerful curing system which outputs UV intensities of up to 18,800 mW/cm². Through what Intertronics describes as this exceptional power performance, materials can cure with a high level of crosslinking, many within seconds. Due to the modularity of the system, up to four wands, covering three UV wavelengths, can be selected or interchanged dependent upon an operators process requirements. This, linked with the ability to pair wands with focusing lenses (which alter the size of the cure area), enables users to tailor the unit to suit a specific application.

The Dymax BlueWave QX4 effectively cures LED-compatible UV light curing materials, including Dymax’s own matched range of adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and temporary masks, all available (together with expert application advice and guidance where required) from Intertronics. 

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BlueWave QX4 is a powerful curing system that provides users with greater operational flexibility
BlueWave QX4 is a powerful curing system that provides users with greater operational flexibility


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