Articulating the advantages of adhesive tape

For constructing commercial trailers, one increasingly popular solution to bodybuilding productivity challenges is the use of modern high-performance double-sided adhesive tapes. According to tesa, bonding with tape offers several advantages in comparison to the use of mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives

Tapes are quick, quiet and clean to apply, says tesa, with minimal waste, simple surface preparation and requiring no post-assembly clean up. Further, unlike liquid adhesives, tapes can provide almost immediate handling strength, reduced cycle times and simplified manufacturing sequences. tesa also states that unlike mechanical fasteners, tapes don’t require the drilling of hundreds of time and energy consuming holes either.

Tapes can also do something that many alternative methods cannot: bond and seal in a single process, as in cases of articulated lorry trailers. Moreover, tapes are also invisible once applied says tesa, providing aesthetic benefits together with smooth interior and exterior surfaces that are easy to clean and keep clean. 

Articulated trailer units use tapes that both bond and seal in one
Articulated trailer units use tapes that both bond and seal in one

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