Bonding improved, blooming eliminated

When the manufacturer of wearable electronic devices experienced production challenges, including unsightly blooming as a result of its assembly processes, it turned to Intertronics for a solution

The device manufacturer was using a cured silicone material for a fitness tracking component. It had opted for cured silicone because it addressed skin critical contact requirements including biocompatibility, sweat and odour resistance. Bonding it to polycarbonate was seemingly impossible due to its low surface energy, and the manufacturer tried many of the leading adhesive technologies currently available on the market, investing significant time and resources to try and solve the problem. 

To cut a long story short, in addition to bonding cured silicone to polycarbonate, the adhesive needed to work well for very small, precise and fast manual application methods too. After trialling Born2Bond™ products the company agreed that the Ultra HV kit (adhesive and primer) provided unmatched adhesion compared to other technologies they had tried. In addition to bonding the initial component together, the kit offered high bond performance for other component assembly applications as well. Through this trial, it was clear that the Ultra HV kit solved their initial bonding problem, and also opened up the opportunity for other design and bonding possibilities not previously considered. 

This was because the Ultra HV kit is based on a fast-bonding, formulated instant adhesive technology designed specifically for challenging, “by-the-dot” assembly needs. Since implementing the Born2Bond Ultra HV kit across its production lines, the manufacturer has been able to enhance the aesthetics of its finished product due to the low-blooming characteristics on black substrates. Further, production capacity was also improved thanks to a swift  15-second fixture time, significantly reducing work-in-progress parts. 

Further, says Intertronics, suppliers of the Born2Bond Ultra HV kit, the manufacturer was able to experience the product’s value without having to invest any additional funds in equipment or increase its manufacturing space. The manufacturer also found that the product worked best with a Born2Bond Primer and was able to seamlessly integrate it into its production line processes.

Non-blooming and secure - Born2Bond from Intertronics solved a number of challenges
Non-blooming and secure - Born2Bond from Intertronics solved a number of challenges


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