FDB and Dirak e-mobility solutions

FDB recommends double cylinder swinghandles in materials such as powder-coated zinc die or stainless steel for charging station applications.

Some 2-3% of cars are presently electric with a government mandate that no new petrol or diesel cars may be sold from 2030. A major factor is the problem of range anxiety and long journey negative experiences with the existing infrastructure that are exerting constant pressure to achieve a charging infrastructure to compare with petrol and diesel.

As electric cars become more widely used, the network of e-charging stations is therefore continuously expanding. Currently it is reported that there are only 42,000 public charging stations in the UK with some 94 cars per single fast charging point. This is a fast-growing landscape of housings that require a robust latching solution to reliably protect the power connections of the charging poles to the associated equipment and to ensure suitable protection against the weather and vandalism.

Charging stations for electric cars are located largely in publicly accessible outdoor areas where they are exposed not only to the effects of weather, but also to vandalism. To protect these housings which are so important for the infrastructure against this kind of damage, the switch cabinets should be securely locked. Handles have been developed for this purpose that meet the requirements of resistance class RC2 similar to DIN 1630 and are thus able to withstand vandalism damage by opportunists.

However, there is no requirement that e-charging poles in line with RC2 have to be locked. Thus, many other swinghandles and latches are also suitable. It is important to use a latch with a profile cylinder to make certain it is not too easy to break into the charging station. If several groups of persons need to have access, for example two different service providers, FDB recommends a double cylinder swinghandle with pivotable operating lever.

Sturdy material is clearly required for this application and it has been found that latching solutions made of powder-coated zinc die or stainless steel have proven to be effective. These materials offer protection against the weather and are so sturdy that it is difficult for opportunistic vandals to break open or saw through the latches.

The same applies to hinges in these applications where concealed hinges inside the housing are recommended. That means opportunistic vandals are frustrated as they are unable to see where the hinges are fitted.

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