Fronius uses hot active plasma for surface cleaning
Posted to News on 8th Mar 2023, 14:08

Fronius uses hot active plasma for surface cleaning

Fronius uses hot active plasma for surface cleaning

Fronius says industrial surface cleaning with Acerios hot active plasma technology is a particularly environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution prior to joining parts.

The cleanliness of part surfaces is essential in production. To be able to carry out process steps such as welding, adhesion, sealing, painting, printing and brazing to a high standard, contamination must be removed prior.

For example, to be able to join individual aluminium parts to a side wall using spot welding when constructing an automotive body, the surface of the sheets must be freed from foreign particles or film impurities, otherwise a serious lack of fusion could arise.

Up until now, the automotive industry has relied on chemical cleaning processes in which the component is immersed in chemicals. The use, storage and disposal of the required chemicals is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also problematic in terms of their impact on the environment. Such cleaning processes are also subject to strict safety requirements.

A technology developed by Fronius can help: hot active plasma removes residues precisely, quickly, and effectively. It is suitable for metals such as aluminium and steel as well as plastic, glass and ceramic. The Acerios system generates a plasma flame on the welding torch with a temperature of up to 1,000°C, which a robot guides precisely over the surface at speeds of roughly 6 meters per minute.

Depending on the requirements, entire surfaces or specific areas can be treated. This significantly increases efficiency, as instead of cleaning as much of the surface as possible, Acerios cleans only those areas that actually need cleaning. This technology comes without harmful cleaning additives, meaning it is environmentally friendly and saves resources.

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