Future-proof your production with robotics and automation
Posted to News on 27th Jul 2023, 15:01

Future-proof your production with robotics and automation

Future-proof your production with robotics and automation

Around 41,000 visitors attended Automatica in Munich, where screwdriving technology and automation specialist Deprag focused on applications that combine its technology with robotics.

The Deprag Screwdriver Function Module was one such product. As well as standard versions, the range includes the E-SFM (screwdriver function module with electronic stroke). It provides maximum flexibility in complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners and changing assembly requirements.

The collection also includes a Deprag isolation concept which is equipped with special ceramic and synthetic parts to protect against voltages up to 1,000 V. The product is therefore particularly suited for use in the field of e-mobility, such as battery assembly.

The new generation Deprag Feed Module (DFM) is another product which can easily be connected to lightweight robots. Now smaller, lighter and smarter, it is best suited for automated screwdriving applications. Combined with the Deprag Tool Changer, the automatic changing of any number of screwdriving tools means that the Tool Changer provides maximum flexibility regardless of the type of fastener drive used. The use of one single spindle guarantees that operating costs are quickly amortised.

Alongside its many hardware components, Deprag also presented its own software solution to facilitate a simple transition to the smart factory. The Deprag Cockpit software can be used to centrally monitor, analyse and optimise all assembly tasks. The intelligent control and process monitoring allows the user to recognise potentials early and react directly to changes. Fast process optimisation improves production time, avoids downtime and increases the quality of production.

End devices with corresponding communication interfaces are needed to supply the software with data. Communication capabilities are integrated into all current Deprag products, including the new screwdriving system Deprag Plus, which amongst other things has an OPC UA interface. This high-powered screwdriving system provides the ultimate flexibility and connectivity. It includes the new sequence controller AST12 and the corresponding screwdriving tool.

“For us, the Automatica trade fair was an excellent opportunity to introduce the international public to our latest breakthroughs,” explains Robert Bachmeier, Deprag sales manager. “We are proud to provide pioneering solutions in the field of automated assembly and feeding technology and to thereby support our customers in the optimisation of their production processes.”

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