High performance welding with greater efficiency
Posted to News on 6th May 2022, 12:35

High performance welding with greater efficiency

High performance welding with greater efficiency

Fronius is adding to its range of smart, high-end TPS/i TWIN tandem welding systems. It claims synchronised welding with two individually controllable arcs has never been so easy as with the new TPS/i TWIN systems and the PMC TWIN and CMT TWIN welding processes.

Both systems boast stable penetration and help save time thanks to their high speed and impressive deposition rate.

When it comes to high performance tandem welding, the main challenge is successfully controlling both arcs. Achieving this allows operators in the container, vehicle, and wagon construction industries to easily perform multi-layered or long welds in order to produce top-quality large-scale components. The TPS/i TWIN Push system, which is already well established on the market, is now joined by TWIN Push-Pull systems including the CMT TWIN process, which is well equipped to deal with such challenges. From now on, it will be possible to use tandem welding systems to join aluminium as well as steel.

The TPS/i TWIN Push-Pull solution is designed for use in motor vehicle and railway vehicle construction, and is used to weld aluminium profiles or pressure containers using the PMC (pulse multi control) process. In addition to the PMC process, the new TPS/i CMT TWIN system also uses the CMT (cold metal transfer) process, thereby also enabling welding of aluminium, nickel-base alloys, and high-strength steels.

The controlled heat input provided by the CMT process is also particularly well suited for thin sheet applications. Penetration and weld profile can be further optimised if each TWIN arc is set to a different performance level.

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