High pressure hydraulics assembly cost reduction

Avseal® XT from Zygology is a new sealing system which the company says offers rapid and cost-effective sealing in high-pressure hydraulics applications. It provides a permanent, reliable metal seal that has been tested to a burst pressure of 1,600 bar

Stanley Engineered Fastening says that a recent cost comparison analysis it undertook discovered that when compared to an existing alternative sealing method, utilising Avseal blind breaksteam plugs can reduce the number of sealing processes, increase productivity by up to 600% and substantially reduce labour costs.

How it works

Avseal® XT blind breakstem plugs are installed into plain drilled cross holes in hydraulic manifolds and valve blocks to provide a permanent metal seal that is said to be suitable for even the most demanding applications.

The Avseal XT range suits holes from 5mm OD up to 10mm OD and is designed specifically for the sealing of high-pressure hydraulics in industrial control gear, ground transportation, agricultural equipment other sectors where high pressure hydraulics are present.

Product performance summary

High tensile steel stem

Aluminium sleeve provides excellent sealing capability

Tested at proof oil pressures of over 1,600 Bar

Intended for use in hydraulic applications with cyclic working pressures up to 500 Bar

Air-leak pressure testing of every production batch to verify sealing integrity

Plugs plain drilled holes with no special preparation – no thread cutting or reaming required

Sleeve radial expansion is driven by a high breakstem load to ensure reliable sealing with no tool settings involved

Zygology confirms that because the rounded stem head is larger than the sleeve, it is protected  from accidental damage during insertion. Further, the stem head form provides guidance into the closer fitting application hole sizes, whether used with aanual or automated placement tooling.

Zygology’s Richard Avery observes “The Avseal® XT System offers users the advantages of rapid installation combined with lower assembly costs especially when compared to using tapered plugs, ball plugs or threaded plugs. The XT System provides a high integrity all metal seal which is achieved through large radial pressures acting on the aluminium sleeve, engaging it into the microscopic grooves of the drilled hole. The system also offers good vibration resistance too, with the internal tapered stem locking into the installed sleeve rigidly to provide robust plugging of holes”.

In conclusion, Zygology states “Avseal® XT offers higher performance than existing sealing plugs making it an ideal choice for even the most demanding, high pressure hydraulic applications. The reliability of the Avseal® XT system will reduce the possibly catastrophic risk of sealing failure and is a welcome addition to the sealing plug range we offer”.

Zygology provides samples on request and can be contacted here.

Avseal XT from Zygology is designed for reliable sealing at high pressure whilst delivering assembly cost savings
Avseal XT from Zygology is designed for reliable sealing at high pressure whilst delivering assembly cost savings

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