Metal bonding solution for Ford Components

When Ford Component Manufacturing needed a quick, simple and practical assembly solution for one of its laminated metal shim pack products, Oxford-based Intertronics had the solution

Ford’s edgepeel is a pack that provides a number of shims to described customer requirements, and which can speed up production signifiocantly by being quickly and easily selected at the point of assembly.

The thin steel shims were previously held together just by their oil coating, but in a recent more specialist application, a more reliable  solution was called for. Following proving trials, a bonding solution from Intertronics proved to be a suitable solution, with the company's DYMAX Multi-Cure 6-621 adhesive used in conjunction with a UV curing spot lamp and a Fisnar adhesive dispenser.

The system is designed to provide excellent bonding onto metal with easy dispensing and a fast UV/visible light cure. It was tested on the oil coated laminate steel shims and proved entirely successful, using just a tiny bond line on the very edge of the shims. This minute bond line, combined with the presence of the oil coating across the remaining surface of the shims in the pack, enabled just the right level of adhesion for the task at hand. It also provided the customer with the required combination of stability during storage and transit, followed by a simple and clean separation of the shims when they were needed at the point of use. 

Precision dispensing and creative thinking provided the perfect solution
Precision dispensing and creative thinking provided the perfect solution


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