New dosing and mixing system for liquid silicone rubber

Just introduced by Eurobond Adhesives is the all-new LSR eTwin Connect, a new generation dosing and mixing system for liquid silicone rubber. It is manufactured in Germany by Wagner Reinhardt-Technik, for whom Eurobond is UK Distributor

The new machine is one on which Wagner Reinhardt-Technik has been working in close co-operation with injection mould machine manufacturers, LSR processors and material manufacturers. The aim – now achieved – was to develop a version that meets the demands of modern LSR processing and which is ready for ‘’Industry 4.0’’.

Eurobond says that the new unit “Offers consistently high productivity and quality at both low and high shot weights” whilst providing high efficiency, an optimal mix ratio and up to 99.75% material utilisation. The LSR eTwin Connect  is available in both tandem and single unit configurations: combining two dosing systems eliminates downtime by allowing production to continue uninterrupted when the material drums are changed. 

The ‘processing unit’ was also a major focus of attention for the new model, benefiting from a redesign to make it maintenance friendly – engineers should note that it can be dismantled using just a single tool. In addition the operator can now connect up to four colour-additive dosing valves, and these too can be both assembled and stripped down without the need for tools. 

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