New Intertronics metering, mixing and dispensing system

Adhesives supplier Intertronics has introduced a new 2-K-DOS metering, mixing and dispensing system, said to be a compact, benchtop unit suitable for materials including silicones, polyurethanes and epoxies

According to Intertronics, its new 2-K-DOS provides a clean, efficient and accurate way to apply two-part materials in applications including electronics and LED potting and encapsulation, casting, form-in-place gasketing, sealing and adhesive dots and beads. Its unique modular design is said to provide users with simple configuration and straightforward maintenance.

The system uses gear pump technology to accurately meter the component parts dispensed, and is programmable from a simple control panel. Intertronics points out that unlike other gear pump technology, it is conveniently sized for benchtop operation and can be triggered using either a foot pedal or fingertip switch. The unit has been designed from the outset to be configured to work with automation to achieve both consistent dispensed amounts and accurate placement.

During operation, material is fed from two integrated gravity-fed reservoirs through the gear pumps, where it is metered through flexible hoses to a dispensing head. It uses industry standard static mixing nozzles to achieve a homogenous mix which is free of air bubbles. The mix ratio, dispensing rate and dispensed quantity can be programmed to provide accurate metering, mixing and dispensing. The system is configurable and the user can vary the mix ratio (from 1:1 to 1:10), as well as the shot size (from 2 µg upwards) and dispensing rate (20-1,000 g/min). Intertronics states that this gives their new unit some advantage over similar sized systems based on piston pump technology.

“The modular design means each 2-K-DOS machine is built to suit a customer’s process,” explains Kevin Cook, Technical Manager at Intertronics. “We can adjust features like the reservoir size and dispensing hose length for the application. Our customers can easily retrofit the system to suit their future requirements, for example a change of material, and maintenance requirements are simple, as any part can be easily replaced if needed.”

Cook also confirms that the new machine can be combined with either handheld dispensing equipment or Fisnar robots and can meter, mix and dispense many of the materials in the Intertronics range. readers can discover more about the new 2-K-DOS unit here.

New 2-K-DOS unit is versatile and cost-efficient says Intertronics
New 2-K-DOS unit is versatile and cost-efficient says Intertronics


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