New magnetic catches offer attractive advantages

Southco’s new M5 Magnetic Catches from Zygology are said to combine strength with style 

Delivering the holding power of rare earth magnets, Southco’s newly introduced M5 Magnetic Catch from Zygology is said to deliver a combination of strength and style with a range that provides a “secure, robust and attractive solution” for keeping doors and panels either open or closed.

Designers can specify the catches as a reliable alternative to door stays, and the M5 from Zygology features corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a highly polished finish for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Strength and Versatility 

Users benefit from simple push-to-close and pull-to-open functionality and Zygology states that a primary – er – attraction of the new M5 is that it is well suited for use in high vibration environments. Further, it can be configured to provide nominal holding powers from 50N to 118 N (11lb-26 lb) and can therefore accommodate multiple door sizes and weights whilst offering a significant tolerance for misalignment.

M5 Magnetic Catches from Zygology are available in a range of swivel catch height options that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and fixed catch options that mount flush to (or directly on to) the surface to suit a wide range of door, panel, window and machine dimensions.

Swivel catches are easily adjusted to hold at any desired angle, and they include a rubber bumper surface to minimise noise from closing (as well as vibration) whilst also preventing any scratching of the mating fixed keeper.

New magnetic catches offer holding power up to 118N
New magnetic catches offer holding power up to 118N

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