New range of multi-purpose, handheld dispensers

Two-component adhesives can be applied in all mixing ratios and viscosities

Henkel's introduction of its new LOCTITE EQ HD14 2K handheld dispensers provides users with the means to apply its two-component adhesives in all mixing ratios and viscosities, reports the company.

The range comprises four models: two pneumatically-operated and two manually-operated dispensers for 200 or 400 ml cartridges.

Direct replacements

All models are designed to directly replace existing LOCTITE 2K handheld dispensers and are compatible with all cartridge ratios: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. Conversion kits for all four ratios are included with each dispenser, and cartridge kits are readily interchangeable between the manual and pneumatic models.

“New on the manual dispensers is a dual-drive rod mechanism and ratio selector switch for optimised dispensing performance,” says Henkel.

“The pneumatic version has a quick air exhaust mechanism to reduce drooling and increased dispense force to improve dispensing in high adhesive viscosity or flow applications. Improved overall ergonomic design is common to both types.”

The new LOCTITE EQ HD14 2K handheld dispenser from Henkel.
The new LOCTITE EQ HD14 2K handheld dispenser from Henkel.

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