New repeatable threadlocking dispenser

Henkel has introduced a new LOCTITE® Pro Pump Dispenser for its thread locking adhesives 

The new LOCTITE Pro Pump Hand Held Dispenser is said to provide clean and repeatable dispensing from any 50ml or 250ml bottle of LOCTITE thread locker, turning a bottle of adhesive into an effective dispensing system to prevent spills, mess and waste. The small, compact and lightweight dispenser requires no set up or assembly and uses patented, progressive cavity pump technology to deliver an average of 30mg of adhesive with a single pull of the trigger.  A key feature highlighjted by LOCTITE is the multi-position nozzle that can be set in three orientations - horizontal, 45 degrees up and 45 degrees down. It can also be folded down to 90 degrees for storing. 

This new dispenser is designed to complement popular thread lockers such as LOCTITE 243, a material which has recently been upgraded to provide higher performance on various metals, without an activator allowing it to be effective on iron, copper, brass and steel as well as on passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium and plated surfaces. LOCTITE states that the thread lockers’ temperature resistance has been increased to 180°Celsius, up from 150°Celsius, and that its heat ageing resistance has also been improved.  Another important development claimed is the thread lockers’ greater resistance to oil, a useful attribute in many shop-floor of production-line environments.

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