New Stanley cordless tools launched

Speed fastening tools aim to maximise placing capability, reduce installation cost – and are available from Zygology

Designed to significantly improve productivity on critical general industrial and transportation assembly applications, new ergonomic, cordless speed fastening tools from Stanley are said to maximise placing capability, while reducing installation cost – and they are available now at Zygology.

Each new tool enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without a compressed air line's constraints and hazards. This maximises output and reduces operator fatigue, it is stated, thanks to its balanced, ergonomic design.

Multiple benefits

The benefits highlighted include the prevention of unscheduled downtime, thanks to the combination of long-lasting DEWALT lithium-ion battery with industry-leading charging time.

Zygology sales director Richard Avery comments: “Featuring DeWalt battery technology, the NB08PT-18 and SB25PT-05 are a very welcome addition to our range of cordless tools. They’re the total package, with outstanding benefits - they maximise placing capability, ensure optimum productivity, and reduce installation costs."

The Stanley NB08PT-18 - Battery Powered Blind Rivet Nut Tool – main features:

  • Operates in both pull-to-force and pull-to-strokes modes, therefore offering “exceptional adaptability and productivity benefits”, it is further stated
  • Provides push-to-start functionality: the blind rivet nut is automatically loaded onto the tool by applying axial pressure to the drive screw (mandrel). This feature, combined with tool-less, quick change, nose equipment, further enhances productivity
  • Typically installs 900 (M6 steel) blind rivet nuts with a single charge, using a 2.0Ah battery. 
  • Has quick-release nose equipment, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensurefasten a clear line of sight to the application, ergonomic soft-grip handle for operator comfort. “The built-in touch screen allows the setting up of the stroke and force settings and the cycle counter and poka-yoke features to be easily entered and adjusted.”

The Stanley SB25PT-05 - Battery Powered Speed Fastening Tool – main features:

  • Improved accessibility to narrower spaces due to the longer barrel design
  • Delivers permanent and vibration-resistant assembly when used in conjunction with Avdel Speed Fasteners
  • Installs 800 Steel 3/16” NeoSpeed fasteners with a single charge, using a 2.0Ah battery. 
  • Quick-release nose jaw and tail jaw system, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensure a clear line of sight to the application, ergonomic soft-grip handle for operator comfort, low force single-finger trigger system, balanced design. 


The Stanley NB08PT-18 and SB25PT-05 are said to be a
The Stanley NB08PT-18 and SB25PT-05 are said to be a

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