New, toughened epoxy adhesive announced

Intertronics has introduced a new, toughened, epoxy adhesive which it says is suitable for mismatched substrate bonding

New from Intertronics is IRS 2128 Toughened Epoxy Adhesive,  a high-performance black resin system offering "a combination of good chemical resistance and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates". Intertronics confirms that the new product also offers vibration resistance and that it can bond dissimilar substrates more effectively than many alternative options.

A two-part system with a simple 1:2 mix ratio, IRS 2128 is supplied in a convenient side by side double syringe cartridge, complete with static mixing nozzles. The material is designed to offer “excellent adhesion to a variety of metals, composites and plastics”.  According to Intertronics, the resilience of IRS 2128 means that the adhesive can withstand impact and vibration stresses, absorb energy, and deal with bonding materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) under thermal cycling. It is stated to be  a good candidate to test for applications where there is vibration, impact or thermal shock.

“Adhesives are critical in many industrial assemblies and for the project to be a success, the bond must last the full product lifecycle,” said Ben Swanson, Sales Manager of Intertronics. “Bonding materials with different CTEs can be challenging because the substrates will expand and contract at different rates, putting stress on the bond. The toughened nature of IRS 2128 helps cope with that, as well as stresses from other physical or thermal shocks.”

IRS 2128 is toughened, impact resistant, dimensionally stable, gap filling and also offers a long pot life. It exhibits good general chemical resistance and  is RoHS compliant. The IRS2128-50KIT is available for trials, containing a 50 ml cartridge of epoxy, a syringe gun and three static mixing nozzles. Larger cartridges and bulk packaging is available. readers can discover more here. 

New toughened epoxy offers good vibration resistance, gap filling and is strong too
New toughened epoxy offers good vibration resistance, gap filling and is strong too


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