Strengthening the bond with reliable structural adhesives
When identifying solutions that can offer assurance and longevity, the maintenance and reliability of assets repairs can be challenging. Ian Wade, technical services manager at Belzona, looks into the use of structural adhesives as the first-choice solution.
Access technology to improve touch points in workboats
High quality, well-designed access hardware and positioning solutions can provide safety, ease of use and comfort to boat owners, passengers and crews. Charlie Barrett, ecommerce marketing strategist at Southco, examines the selection considerations for these components in marine applications.
Learning and development in the adhesives industry
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical: learning and development at adhesives and dispensing equipment supplier Intertronics, discusses the importance of training.
Rack-level access technologies enhance data centre security
With the data centre industry undergoing significant expansion to meet growing user demand, investments in data security and physically securing these new facilities reliably must be a top priority, as Sonny Van Ngo, business development manager for electronic access solutions at Southco, explains.
Laser welding is the light touch solution for medical components
There are an increasing number of medical sector applications where metal components and devices require joining, and laser welding is now well established as the process of choice for many manufacturers, as the experts at TLM Laser explain.
Technology and magic
Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction writer, science writer, and futurist, once said “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Here, Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains the poignancy of this quote in modern day adhesives applications.
Types of hinges and where to use them
Choosing the appropriate hinge is an important step in the design process of many product applications, but with so many hinge types available, how can engineers ensure that they are choosing the right one? Stewart Beck, global product manager at Southco, explores the design considerations.
Are dispensing robots cheaper than you think?
Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains how robotics and automation can support dispensing processes, discusses the costs and identifies opportunities for a healthy return on investment (ROI).
Dispelling 10 myths about cyanoacrylate adhesives
Paul Whitehead, strategic accounts manager at adhesives specialist Intertronics, busts cyanoacrylate adhesive myths.
Dispensing robots: what’s the risk?
Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesives and dispensing equipment specialist Intertronics, assesses the risk versus reward of investing in dispensing automation.
Sealing requirements for the automotive lighting industry
The experts at Robafoam look in detail at automotive lighting, and offer advice on the sealing requirements for this demanding application.
Preserving the environment with sustainable joining processes
In manufacturing, there are increasing opportunities to improve the eco-footprint of products, with the joining processes that are used as part of the manufacturing process being a good example. We ask Alexander Müller, head of the joining systems business unit at Kistler, how choosing the right joining system can influence a product’s CO2-footprint.
Improving application security and user safety
Locks and latches with visible safety indicators can improve application secure and ensure end-user safety, as the experts at Southco explain.
Sustainability benefits of LED UV curing
Simon Gibbs, technical sales executive at adhesives, dispensing and curing specialist Intertronics, explains the sustainability advantages of LED UV curing systems.
Cabling accessories are indispensable for enclosures
Systems accessories for cabling are key to many enclosure installations, but it is important that that these accessories meet the same requirements as those that apply to building the panel, as Emma Ryde, Rittal product manager for industrial and outdoor enclosures, explains.
Progressive die stamping versus multi-slide stamping
From humble objects such as coins to complex medical machines and automotive parts, durable, high-quality pressings and stampings are key for the application to work effectively. With that in mind, the experts at European Springs and Pressings explain the differences between progressive die stamping and multi-slide stamping.
A worked example for ROI on a dispensing robot
Peter Swanson, managing director of adhesives and dispensing equipment specialist Intertronics, shares a hypothetical worked example of the ROI of a dispensing robot for an electronics CEM.
Rotor Clip answers common questions on wave springs
Wave springs are frequently beneficial as an alternative to coil springs, but what types are available, and what design benefits do they bring? We asked the experts at Rotor Clip.
Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer ultimate instant bonding solutions
If you are looking to reduce overall manufacturing costs, increase product reliability, performance and operating life, Henkel says its Loctite cyanoacrylate adhesives (ie, instant adhesives) may be just the bonding solution for which you are searching.
A safe and efficient future for food and drink manufacturing
Marcus Schneck, CEO of Norelem, looks at how the company’s range of hygienic design products offer several benefits to food and drink manufacturers.

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