Bonding low surface energy plastics in medical device applications
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical: learning and development at adhesives specialist Intertronics, shares guidance on bonding specialist medical plastics.
Designing hardware to protect the physical side of the internet
Every server blade containing valuable data needs to be secured into a server rack, and the technology for securely mounting and latching sensitive electronic components into the enclosure is just as critical as mounting components to the mid-plane/back-plane or securing PC board components to a sheet-metal sub-pan, as the experts at Southco explain.
Avoiding voids in potting applications
Paul Whitehead, strategic accounts manager at Intertronics, explains how manufacturers can avoid the introduction of voids during the processing of potting compounds.
A snapshot of the UK rubber seals industry
Earlier this year, TFC announced its acquisition of EAP Seals, a leading manufacturer and distributor of rubber seals, O-rings, gaskets and associated technical products. Here Morgan Burgoyne (MB), president of TFC, talks to Dean Oliviero (DO), managing director of EAP Seals, to discuss trends in the UK seals industry.
Ergonomic welding – a contradiction in terms?
Time and again, welders are forced to adopt unfavourable postures for a variety of tasks – frequently over long periods of time. Is it therefore paradoxical to talk about ergonomics and welding in the same sentence? Absolutely not, say the experts at Fronius.
Exploring retaining ring styles: A comprehensive guide
The experts at Rotor Clip provide a comprehensive guide that delves into the diverse world of retaining rings, shedding light on their distinct features and benefits.
Process factors to consider when specifying an adhesive
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical: learning and development at adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains some important process considerations for design engineers when specifying an adhesive.
Four ways to speed up production on your next project
Using their experience in the industry helping clients succeed, the experts at Zygology have put together four ways to ensure your next project meets challenging deadlines, surpasses clients’ expectations, and ultimately grows your business.
Advantages of balanced tapered section retaining rings in EV motors
As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain in popularity, the demand for efficient and reliable electric motors continues to increase. Electric motor design plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. An often-overlooked component with a significant impact on performance is the retaining ring, as the experts at Rotor Clip explain.
Three solutions to propel circularity in the manufacturing industry
As a cornerstone of economic progress, the manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of transitioning towards more circular practices in the journey towards net zero and a greener future. Neil Matthews, managing director at MSP, outlines three dynamic solutions.
UV curable masking materials in orthopaedic implant manufacture
Kevin Brownsill, head of technical for learning and development at Intertronics, discusses how temporary masking challenges in orthopaedic implant manufacture can be overcome with UV curable materials.
Elevating data centre security with rack-level electronic access control
Managing access to the data centre is becoming more complicated as data housing facilities continue to expand their hosting capabilities. Given that it is at rack level where data security and access control have the potential to fall short, Mike Fahy, commercial product manager at Southco, discusses the importance of electronic access solutions.
Optimising the design of electric bicycle drives
Simon Ward, technical manager at TFC explains why e-bike manufacturers are turning to components manufactured by edgewinding to solve e-bike design challenges.
The role of polymeric technology in the burgeoning wind industry
There has been considerable growth in the wind power industry over the past few years. However, further exponential growth of the industry is required in order to ensure that the net-zero by 2050 pathway reached. In order to support this seismic growth, polymeric repair and protection technology has an important part to play, as the experts at Belzona explain.
Testing the water with WRAS-approved adhesives
As the demand for safe and reliable products in the food and drink industry continues to rise, ensuring the materials used in the construction of machinery and equipment meets strict standards is of utmost importance, as Bob Orme, senior applications engineer at Henkel, explains.
Selecting a grade of stainless steel for circlips and wave springs
When selecting a grade of stainless steel for your circlip or wave spring, it is most important to assess the needs and the environment the part will be subjected to. The experts at Rotor Clip look at some factors to consider.
Improving medical equipment security and safety
When using mobile medical equipment, making patient care supplies available when needed while protecting them against unauthorised access is a challenge, as the experts at Southco explain.
Enhancing aerospace interior design with ergonomic positioning technology
Adding torque hinging solutions into interior aircraft applications helps to control motion and absorb vibration, creating a quality experience for end users that interact with these touch points, as Rachel Kane of Southco explains.
Do you know what a machined spring is?
If you use spring assemblies within your design it may be worth considering the machined spring product from Abssac. They do not employ the traditional method of manufacture by deforming a wire and around a set form to produce the spring, but machine the desired spring, be it compression, extension, torsion or a lateral bending spring from a solid piece of material.
Strengthening the bond with reliable structural adhesives
When identifying solutions that can offer assurance and longevity, the maintenance and reliability of assets repairs can be challenging. Ian Wade, technical services manager at Belzona, looks into the use of structural adhesives as the first-choice solution.

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