No shocks here thanks to isolators

New ranges of wire rope isolators, spring mounts and cushions arrive from Elesa

Elesa says that its new ranges of stainless steel damping elements offer different designs for different jobs. One of them is its  AVC wire rope isolators, said to be suitable for low-frequency damping with high deflections. Their function is to prevent damage to structures and preserve the correct operation of sensitive equipment whilst also reducing noise. An accompanying product range, AVM spring mounts, are designed for applications with low vibration and high deflections, whilst the company’s AVF metal cushions are more compact to cater for small spaces, higher frequencies and smaller deflections. 

Elesa states that these vibration dampers are used in compliance with safety regulations on vibration and noise (DL 81/2008), and that stainless steel is chosen for many applications because it performs over a lengthy lifespan with low-to-zero maintenance, remaining unaffected by the ageing which often afflicts rubber isolators.

Elesa wire rope isolators are said to be high-performance shock absorbers and vibration dampers that can be used in a variety of applications with typical uses found in oil exploration, radio equipment and generator sets, blowers/fans, and other HVAC style installations. Here they perform well  because they maintain good isolation performance under maximum shock in severe environmental conditions, for example where chemical pollution or extreme temperatures may prevail. Stainless steel wire rope isolators have a long service life and can adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions to provide multi-directional isolation, with installation in many different orientations. This, says Elesa,  makes them suitable for railway compressors, aviation and marine engineering as well as for camera mounts on UAVs and robotic camera platforms.

AVM spring mounts are designed to provide low-frequency damping at higher deflection rates, combined with the higher frequency damping of rubber end pads. They suit acoustic and motor mountings where a wider range of vibrations and larger deflections are likely, and also where winding loads or asymmetric movement patterns are experienced, such as in engine starting.

Elesa’s AVF metal cushions provide a compact solution to the needs of machine tool manufacturers, being well suited to machine component mounting where space is at a premium but deflection is minimised – such as in electronics equipment or isolation of exhaust systems.  These wire mesh vibration dampers can be used for pass-through mounting or with an inset machine screw for component retention.

New ranges are now available
New ranges are now available

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