One way hinges: the discreet way to hang machine doors

Wixroyd has a product in its portfolio that offers machine builders an interesting way to hang access panels and doors

Combining the function of torque limiters and a one-way clutch, Wixroyd’s one way hinges are said to be a discreet but useful component for machine builders. Here is why: they allow for the retaining of a lid or panel in one direction under load whilst also tolerating free rotation without load in the other direction.

This feature, says Wixroyd, makes its one way hinges well suited to a range of applications where machine users might need to open a lid smoothly or hold it in a position, either as a safety measure or simply for ease of access. The one way hinges provide high torque in a minimal space, being capable of forces of 0.1N -1.0N over 13mm and 1.0N - 3.0N over 19mm, with full 360 movement. Machine designers and builders can specify these one way hinges to operate in either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions with full rotation depending on which direction torque is to be generated. The hinges can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -5°Celsius to +60°Celsius.

One-way hinges retain a door in one direction but permit free travel in the other
One-way hinges retain a door in one direction but permit free travel in the other

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