Optimise your supply chain in 2023
Posted to News on 23rd Dec 2022, 09:15

Optimise your supply chain in 2023

Optimise your supply chain in 2023

For businesses that critically rely on their supply chains, these past couple of years have probably been very stressful. Staytite’s aim is to take away the stress of procuring and delivering essential parts to the production line.

Because output relies on a predictable schedule of parts, no doubt the workforce has had to go the extra mile recently to ensure as smooth a service as possible with minimal disruption. As a result, work fatigue and burnout are not an uncommon phenomenon. If your staff and supply chain aren’t performing optimally, your business will not achieve what it is capable of.

So why not let Staytite manage this for you? The company’s team has extensive expertise in managing supply chains, managing inventory and, when required, finding alternate sources for parts, with a global knowledge base of quality suppliers. Not only that, but Staytite delivers straight to your production line.

By allowing Staytite to install racking close to the point of use, the company’s envoys make scheduled deliveries of parts, and monitor your stock levels to ensure production never stops unnecessarily. This service is backed up with dedicated account management working with your production managers to provide the best possible service.

As a case in point, Staytite was recently contacted by a company that was in urgent need to change its supplier to ensure the continuity of its production line. The project from initial contact including enquiry, quote and site survey, to installation of new bespoke racking included with the stock management system, took under 12 weeks to complete. In the interim, the company’s production line kept moving with continual monitoring and deliveries of essential parts from the team at Staytite.

With more economic turbulence predicted in the coming year, it is now more important than ever to ensure your business is working as efficiently as possible. Staytite’s systems will allow your staff to devote more time toward their core competencies. If you are a manufacturer who thinks they would benefit from any of the discussed topics above, give the Staytite sales team a call.

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