Permabond races to the finish of the Triton Racing team car
Posted to News on 1st Aug 2022, 09:09

Permabond races to the finish of the Triton Racing team car

Permabond races to the finish of the Triton Racing team car

When Triton Racing found itself desperate for an adhesive supplier with a stock of a carbon fibre bonding adhesive, with the team’s car’s reveal fast approaching, it turned to Permabond.

Due to pandemic-related shortages, the team had been waiting for adhesive from another manufacturer for months. Permabond reviewed the team’s application, confirmed the ET5429 was the correct choice, and delivered the product in short order, allowing the Triton Racing team to finish the car just weeks after approaching Permabond.

The team bonded the carbon fibre front wing of the car using Permabond ET5429, a 2:1 mix ratio two-component epoxy that forms strong bonds to metals and composites. Bond strength on carbon fibre reaches 5400 psi (37 N/mm2). The thixotropic nature of the adhesive makes it easy to dispense, and the charcoal black colour allows for an aesthetically-pleasing finished product. ET5429 is packaged in dual cartridges and dispensed through static mix nozzles to ensure proper mixing.

“Triton Racing would like to thank Permabond for its efforts in supporting our organisation,” said Joseph Pallan, aerodynamics lead at Triton Racing. “Without their help, we couldn’t have reached the record-equalling eighth place finish our team managed this year. We’re excited to continue our partnership in the coming year to design, build and compete with our upcoming race car.”

Permabond prides itself on its quality adhesives and its quality staff that go above and beyond to ensure product availability and exceptional customer service. A quarter of a century ago, Permabond adhesives were used for threadlocking and structural bonding of the engine framework of the THRUST SSC car which broke the land speed record and officially broke the sound barrier at 763 mph in 1998. Today the company is proud to have its name on the Triton Race team car.

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