Push-to-close latching: the secret of simple operation
Posted to News on 14th Dec 2022, 10:14

Push-to-close latching: the secret of simple operation

Push-to-close latching: the secret of simple operation

When it comes to convenience, it’s easy to take even the simplest of operations for granted. The experts at Southco take a closer look at a simple operation that often goes unnoticed: push-to-close latching.

Southco’s push-to-close latching technology is in everything from car doors and glove boxes to storage cabinets and office furniture. Its simple functionality allows us to securely close a panel and not have to worry about having to manually re-latch it.

In a push-to-close application, the cam rotates freely from the ‘closed’ position as it contacts the frame or keeper, and an integral spring pushes the cam back into the engaged position once the cam clears the keeper. Southco’s E5 Cam Latch features push-to-close convenience by incorporating a spring-loaded ramped cam or actuator for single or multi-point operation.

Basically, it works like this: think about how often you open and close a cabinet door. Adding our E5 to this application means that when you push the door towards its frame, a ramp-shaped cam rotates as it contacts the frame, the cam then springs back and moves behind the frame to achieve latching.

As with conventional cam latches, the E5 latching mechanism rotates to disengage from the keeper, but once the panel is opened and the cam rotates back to the ‘closed’ position, the ramp-shaped face of the retractable cam functions like a push-to-close mechanism, ensuring safe, trouble-free operation even if the door is shut with the cam in the closed position.

The unsung value that push-to-close operation brings to your application design is paramount. Incorporating an action as simple as not having to manually re-lock a door every time it is closed can bring great value to end users in a wide array of industries.

Download the Southco Handbook to explore our complete line of cam latches.

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