Right on 'Q' with new battery tools

Latest Qonnect rivet tools come to market

The latest battery-powered rivet tools from Qonnect, the QN12XL and QR64XL, are now available from its UK distribution partner Zygology.

Known throughout Europe for its service quality, speed, and reliability, Qonnect is a partnership between various European and Asian-owned manufacturers of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and associated riveting tools.

Ease of use

The QN12XL is described as a powerful, easy-to-use, battery-powered rivet nut tool with class-leading features. Capable of installing rivet nuts from M3 to M12 in aluminium, steel and stainless steel, the QN12XL features push button controls and a digital screen, plus automatic triggerless setting feature.

“This new tool uses push-button controls and a digital screen to set the stroke length, helping to make switching from one application to another quick and precise,” says Zygology. “In order to enhance quality control, the tool can also record the number of inserts set.”

Featuring a brushless DC motor and optimised gearbox, the QN12XL is reported to deliver fast cycle times and also ideal for quiet environments.

Eliminating operator error

“The innovative automatic setting option eliminates the need to use the trigger to install inserts: operators simply push the tool onto the insert, it then winds on, installs and winds off fully automatically. This facility completely eliminates operator error from the process and allows workers with no previous experience to use the tool at maximum efficiency levels.”

The other new addition to the range is the QR64XL, described as a “well designed and powerful battery-powered rivet tool”, capable of installing rivets from 2.4 to 6.4mm diameter including structural rivets such as Monobolts or M-Power structural rivets.”

Said to be light and well balanced, the extended rivet setting range of the QR64XL combines the capability of two conventional rivet tools into one unit.

Right on Q

Qonnect describes its tool range as “focused on strength, technology, quality and innovative design, as demonstrated by our most recent line of Q-TOOLS.”

And Zygology sales director Richard Avery adds: “Qonnect tools have been especially designed for trouble-free installation of any type of blind rivet or nut. They have already proven to be a popular choice with our customers and a fast seller that we’re proud to stock and distribute.”

Qonnect QR64XL battery-powered rivet nut tool
Qonnect QR64XL battery-powered rivet nut tool

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