Self-sanitisation with Elesa machine components
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Posted to News on 2nd May 2023, 09:33

Self-sanitisation with Elesa machine components

Self-sanitisation with Elesa machine components

Elesa has developed a line of components made of self-sanitising technopolymer containing inorganic silver ion-based antimicrobial additives (without active pharmaceutical ingredients, antibiotics or pesticides).

These additives penetrate the surface of the cell to attack its DNA, thereby preventing the proliferation of unwanted organisms such as microbes, bacteria, and fungi. The metal inserts are in stainless steel.

This provides an effective solution that protects against infections, bacteria and fungi, without using chemical detergents that can be harmful to health and the environment.

The silver particles contained in the special technopolymer are distributed throughout the material and not just on the surface, allowing the antimicrobial self-sanitising effect to be maintained unchanged for the entire life cycle of the components, even when there is an abrasion on the surfaces.

Designed for mounting on medical and hospital equipment, rehab and disability aids, pharmaceutical industry machinery, and urban and public fittings, these components are free from toxic side effects and offer resistance to corrosion, humidity, and to the detergents used during any disinfection, which are in any case required by law in certain types of environments.

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