Street-wise battle against the vandals

New range of swinghandles focused on resisting vandal attack

The engineers at EMKA have noted the growth of social and industrial dependence on internet cable connectivity, while at the same time it seems that there has been an increase in the scope of ‘street culture’, which sees these cabinets as naturally vulnerable features of the public environment.

This has led them to focus on the issues of vandal resistance for locking outdoor cabinets, which has (sadly) become a significant issue, and have responded with a range of swinghandles capable of resisting vandal attack to level RC2 (DIN EN 1630) and other solutions, including electronic lock and release mechanisms, which allow the door lock to be completely concealed within the cabinet.

These are matched by rod systems for multi-point locking systems – round and flat rods for three-point locking – which resist opening at door corners, as well as at the lock point and with concealed internal hinges which are non-visible and so protected from vandal attack.

Wide range on offer

“For less exposed areas, RC2 capability is complemented with a wide range of swinghandles that meet the need for slightly lower resistance levels, a situation where the swinghandle design is intrinsically appropriate to the task, by virtue of the way the pop-out lever is recessed into the escutcheon body with naturally small clearances,” adds the company. This level includes product solutions with double-profile half cylinders or with padlock facility – also the use of tough reinforced polyamide, high quality zinc die or stainless steel.

Multifunctional enclosures or cable distribution cabinets can be found on almost every street corner, serving the community by bringing telephone, internet and TV signals into nearby houses. The water supply, traffic management (traffic light systems etc) electricity suppliers and 5G providers also locate their infrastructure in such cabinets.

These facilities are highly sensitive and have become a popular target for vandals for a variety of reasons, from senseless destruction to theft of copper wiring. Consequently, EMKA has included new cabinet hardware guidance on its website for the benefit of design and production engineers, in order to facilitate highly secure locking systems as protection for these sensitive units.

“As a long-term partner in the telecommunications industry, EMKA have been a market leader for many years, developing products that meet the extraordinary requirements for outdoor locking solutions,” it adds. “Products for highly resistant and weatherproof network and telecommunications cabinets must meet special requirements for outdoor applications.”

Online guide direction

Its online guide therefore directs users to locking solutions and hinges with appropriate temperature resistance and vandalism security – with resistance-class RC2 DIN EN 1630 or with special graffiti protection. It also describes a broad range of locks and hinges for simpler installation areas in less exposed areas.

“For opening and closing of the cabinets where electronic connectivity is required, then the EMKA range allows customers to choose between networked electronic solutions, including remote monitoring and locking solutions with double profile half cylinder, according to DIN EN 18252-BZ or DIN EN 1303, with attack resistance class 2 and drilling and pulling protection.

“With this robust range of IP65 swinghandles, EMKA now offers a wide range of solutions: from the cost-efficient plastic variation, up to high-quality electromechanical locks of zinc diecast,” it states. “With regard to the design, the focus is put on the special tightness and increased vandalism protection of the locks. The clearances between handle and body have been made so small that screwdrivers do not fit in. In addition, the surfaces are as smooth as possible, so that no dirt can accumulate or graffiti adhere to them.

A system of electromagnetic release and emergency opening provides the security and ease of operation of a low profile swinghandle, together with the extra level of electronic security.”

Door hardware packages are completed with push in gaskets to fit moulded channels in GRP cabinets and clip on gaskets to fit edges of steel enclosures; also with door stays and stops in steel and stainless steel to protect against hazardous wind pressure during installation and servicing.

EMKA has responded to the challenge with a range of swinghandles capable of resisting vandal attack to level RC2 (DIN EN 1630), along with other solutions.
EMKA has responded to the challenge with a range of swinghandles capable of resisting vandal attack to level RC2 (DIN EN 1630), along with other solutions.


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