The advantages are stacking up on the shop floor
Posted to News on 11th Sep 2023, 10:23

The advantages are stacking up on the shop floor

See Fath at MachineBuilding.Live, 4 October 2023, on stand 17

The advantages are stacking up on the shop floor

At MachineBuilding.Live, production environment products manufacturer FATH will make the UK debut of its new adapter pallets for the industrial dollies found on shop floors across all sectors of larger scale manufacturing.

The galvanised steel adapter pallet is roller conveyor, forklift and AGV compatible, and when in use it locks the dollies automatically in place. It is an efficient way to transport three sizes of loaded dollies; 600 x 400mm (four pieces on one level), 800 x 600mm (two pieces on one level), or 1200 x 800mm (one piece on one level).

The benefits in time and energy saving are huge for any manufacturer continuously transporting parts within their facility to load machines or service automated or manual assembly areas. Likewise, finished goods entering their packaging and logistics phase can also make use of this technology as it facilitates dollies with stacked tote boxes or crates to be efficiently collated and transported.

Return trips to stores or from finished goods areas benefit from the ability to stack the empty adapter pallets on top of one another in a safer manner than with regular wooden pallets, so just one vehicle or pump truck can transport multiple units.

Furthermore an area of just 1220 x 800mm is sufficient to store several adapter pallets and make them available for immediate use, which overall means the payback time for this durable, yet simple, innovation can be relatively quick.

Customers can use the FATH adapter pallet with their existing dollies or opt to combine them with the durable FATH dolly range. These heavy-duty steel dollies are precisely matched to all SLC/Euro 400 x 600mm containers and offer maximum flexibility for small and medium lot sizes. Available with fixed or swivel castors, as well as ESD variants, and offering a high payload capacity they are suitable for demanding environments. As empties, they too can be safely stacked and stored in a minimal amount space. These will also be on display at FATH’s MachineBuilding.Live Stand.

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