TR launches new products to its plastics and rubber hardware range

TR Fastenings is expanding its product portfolio with the addition of 1500 new part numbers being added to the existing plastic and rubber hardware range. This is in response to product requests across all sectors including automotive, health and home and energy, tech, and infrastructure.

With this rising market demand combined with technical support on new innovative plastic materials, TR has embraced the opportunity to work with design teams across different industries with varying application requirements. TR’s strength is in the fast turnaround of prototypes and short lead time support on tooling, giving TR engineers a leading edge when involved in early engagement design projects.

The automotive industry in particular has experienced the biggest surge in growth with the use of plastic components over machined metal parts, mainly driven by the continued global momentum of electric vehicle production. Automotive manufacturers are looking at using plastics as base materials to build automotive parts due to their lightweight properties which can be 30% to 50% less compared to metal.

TR’s top new product ranges and their application uses include:

Screw rivets provide a fastening that is simple to use and is removable, making them ideal for applications where maintenance or servicing via a removable panel is required. For automotive applications they are used in splash guards around wheel arches, internal upholstery, and bumper assemblies. Screw rivets also find applications in domestic appliances, marine, audio equipment and furniture fittings.

Barbed push-in rivets, also known as fir tree/pin tree clips are designed to secure two panels together. They are easy to install with a simple push-fit action. In automotive they are used in wheel arch bumpers, splash shields, bumper assemblies, internal upholstery, and trim. Other applications include domestic appliances, furniture and electrical/electronic equipment.

Kwik nuts are designed to push fit onto a threaded stud then turned through 180° to secure in place, allowing a tool free rapid installation. Automotive applications include vehicle acoustic engine liners and interior assemblies. Other applications include air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Push screws are a new product which combines the rapid installation of a fir tree clip with the versatility of a conventional threaded screw. The part is designed to push fit and retain in a female thread, then be removed with a standard screwdriver. The part enables rapid tool free installation with pull out forces ranging from 50N (M3) to 210N (M8) making them ideal for decorative trims, seat trim panels and mounting brackets.

Shockproof snap rivets is a new development and an improvement on the standard design of a snap rivet. The design incorporates a locking mechanism under the head which resists pin movement when subject to mechanical shock or vibration, making them ideal for automotive interior applications, industrial lighting, pumps, heating, and ventilation. Heat resistant options are also available for applications where operating temperatures of up to 190°C are required.

Andrew Fletcher, director of plastics and rubber at TR, commented: “We remain fully committed to offering our customers the very best in plastic components with our continuous product developments. It’s more than just delivering a product, it’s about design, development and collaboration; we’re here to provide solutions and we’re perfectly placed to react quickly to the changing marketplace.”

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