Using 3D technology to conceptualise new fasteners
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Posted to News on 8th Nov 2022, 10:50

Using 3D technology to conceptualise new fasteners

Using 3D technology to conceptualise new fasteners

PEM says its investment in 3D printing solutions is enabling it to conceptualise and deliver new fastener designs to customers more quickly.

New product development is a critical part of the work done at PEM Europe and at all of its facilities around the world. The recent addition of 3D printing technology at its Galway location is enabling its teams to bring 3D CAD data to life and generate conceptual models for current and future customers.

The Ultimaker 3D printer is capable of printing two materials simultaneously, including metallic materials. PEM’s engineering teams are also experimenting with new material types, including metallic, to bring even more capabilities to its 3D investment.

While 3D printing has existed for some time, the technology has become much more advanced in recent years and more accessible for use across a variety of applications. As a result, more companies are utilising 3D innovation. Using 3D technology to take a fastener design idea from concept to a physical prototype is just one of the many ways PEM’s team delivers innovation to our customers.


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