Video teases new rivet nut setting tool

Available soon from Zygology is the all-new Qonnect N12XL battery powered rivet nut tool, said to offer a series of useful advantages

New and available from Zygology soon, the Qonnect N12XL is a powerful new battery powered rivet nut tool which the supplier says offers “class leading features”. It is capable of installing rivet nuts from M3 to M12.

The new tool uses push button controls and a digital screen to set the stroke length, making switching from one application to another quick and precise. In order to enhance quality control, the tool can also record the number of inserts set. Zygology says that the (included) M4 -M12 nose assemblies are easily and quickly changed using the quick release mechanism, and that M3 nose kits can also be supplied separately if required.

An optional automatic installation setting eliminates the need to use the trigger to install inserts: operators simply push the tool onto the insert and it winds on, installs, and winds off fully automatically. Zygology points out that this facility completely eliminates operator error from the process. readers can obtain a sneak video preview and access more details on the new tool here.

The new battery powered tool is available soon from Zygology
The new battery powered tool is available soon from Zygology

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